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Goldsmith Family Foundation Enhancing educational opportunities for Baltimore youth

About the School Grant Program

In 1991, The Goldsmith Family Foundation launched its Elementary School Grant Program. Annually, elementary and K-8 schools in the Baltimore City Public School System are eligible for a grant of $3,000 for a variety of needs ranging from instructional materials and equipment to field trips and special programming that otherwise cannot be funded within the school's budget. 

Principals can expect to receive a letter from the Foundation in mid-March with a mid-April deadline for  submission of their proposals.  These proposals can be short, but they must include a program description and detailed budget.  For example, they must include the actual prices for books, educational materials, buses for field trips, admissions prices, or for whatever is being requested.  Note that funding will no longer be granted for dedicated test preparation materials.

This grant is awarded each spring for implementation the following academic year. A brief report on the impact of the grant and an accounting of how the funds were spent, including paid invoices and checks, must be received by the Foundation for the school to be eligible for future grants.


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Goldsmith Family Foundation, Inc.
1829 Reisterstown Road
Suite 430
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
phone: 410-484-9292
fax: 410-486-9022